Biology of Memories

by arbori

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this was my first release under the name arbori. It was the kind of music i loved listening to and making. i had been playing catch up for years alway writing what i used to like. This single represented what was to come, set the tone for future is not my box, just the colours i like


released October 15, 2010

Steven Barnard - vocal, acoustic guitarazz
Paul Rhodes - electric guitar
James Hutchinson - vibraphone
Peta Muir - Piano, organ, trombone, piano accordion (horn arrangements)
Luke Robinson - drums
Dave Humphries - Bass
Dane Carrol - Baritone Sax
Melanie Wenham - Tennor sax
Paul Brown - alto sax (horn arrangements)
Elyssa Cleaver - trombone



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arbori Sydney, Australia

Arbori is music and dance, in equal measures nostalgic and innovative. Raised on Fred Astaire, Frank Sinatra, Neil Young and Paul Simon, these men were model entertainers, romancers, vagabonds and his gatekeepers to jazz, folk and dance. Naturally Arbori’s jazz-folk inspired melodies and R&B influenced beats are like just like drinking tea with your Nanna who is wearing a snap back and a hoodie. ... more

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Track Name: Biology of Memories
Inside of you and me there's a biology of memories
It takes the things we see and helps us not to forget them
Despite what we believe when they magnify out inner mind
They're the tiniest men in the tiniest are studio
Painting pictures of all the...

...shapes and sizes
How deep how wide
I wonder if they tell lies to me...

...when we let them decide
The people that live inside
The colours they use when we recall out lives
Sometimes its black and white
But i know when its you and I
They colour us in technicoloured light

Now all there tiny men
armed with canvas and their paintbrushes
Will start remembering
if i blink they might get a short rest
The studio turns to bedlam
When i spend only four weeks with only you
there are too many details and too many things going on
I find ther've missed your face when you gone... the falls
Niagara calls
i wonder if they'll get it right at all...
Track Name: The Last Plane Out of Here
I took sun out of the world
But i couldnt get it out of the girl
I took the moon out of the sky
But she still looked so good under the night

Beautiful things wrap their arms aroun the lovers
Pull on that string and we'll shut the blinds on all the others
Stuck in your pictures your bubbles and your tears
I wrote the last plane out of here

She took the spark out of the fire
But she couldnt get it out of the guy
She took the blues out of the flame
But she couldnt get out the song that he sang