Flannelette and Feather Beds

by arbori

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Flannelette and Feather Beds

We had been walking for over an hour after a long night out. What was suppose to be ‘just around the corner’ turned out to be 5kms of conversation and city streets. It was nearly 1am and her feet were getting tired in those shoes. She’d been praying away the rain whilst I’d been praying it came. In a divine moment her loss of concentration granted my persistent petitioned and the heavens began their speedy decent. Foliage was never made to be water tight, and as we stood feeling the drips turn to drops and form puddles on our shoulders we decided to run. Soon everything was a puddle, our shoes, our hair, our yelps and songs. We had become Gene Kelly impersonators competing for glory on the sidewalk. Finally arriving under our ancient archway its doors loomed eager to be opened but our warm cloudy breath made the heat of home seem a dreary departure from the excitement of the rain.

Flannelette and Feather Beds is the third single from Arbori and the lead track from forthcoming debut EP Love with Courage. Like the single the EP heralds the most simple, honest and accurate impression of what Arbori is. Known for audacious live recording projects and long transcendent instrumentals Arbori is taking a step back, into a studio, with 6 succinct and seasoned tunes. A comprehensive bite size collection of their well loved live show. After a fan said, “it’s so hard to be your fan as there is not enough music released” it was clearly well overdue to release an EP. It’s been three years and three singles since the debut Biology of Memories and with the release of Flannelette and Feather Beds Arbori is launching a Pozible campaign raise funds for the EP. Arbori’s recording budget is being left in the hands of friends and fans trusting that together they can see Love with Courage become a reality.

There are plenty of rewards for pledges big and small from
CD, DVD’s, dance lessons, house shows and music video cameos.

Be apart of Love with Courage by pledging at the Pozible Campaign Page


released September 20, 2013

Written and Arranged by - Steven Barnard

Steven Barnard - Vocals, guitar
Lyndell Arthur - Vocals
James Hutchinson - Organ
Ed Goyer - Vibraphone

Engineering and Production - Felix Abrahams
Producer - Steven Barnard




arbori Sydney, Australia

Arbori is music and dance, in equal measures nostalgic and innovative. Raised on Fred Astaire, Frank Sinatra, Neil Young and Paul Simon, these men were model entertainers, romancers, vagabonds and his gatekeepers to jazz, folk and dance. Naturally Arbori’s jazz-folk inspired melodies and R&B influenced beats are like just like drinking tea with your Nanna who is wearing a snap back and a hoodie. ... more

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Track Name: Flannelette and Feather Beds
Outside it is biting
Inside we are fighting to keep warm
Overcoats and knitted vests
We do our best to beat this cold

And it's so like winter to bend umbrellas inside out

But it's fun to run in the rain

My room is heated
Your room conceded without a thought
Flannelette and feather beds
We do our best to beat this cold

But it's fun to run in the rain

And it's so like winter to make my bones ache and moan
And it's so like winter to rain on me when I'm almost home
And it's so like winter to steal my hat and dance around
And it's so like winter to bend umbrellas inside out