Walls [ft. Jessica Santosa]

by arbori

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‘Walls’, the title track from my new EP (coming September 2014), is an anthem to champion our advocacy from cowardice to courage. Featuring a rap from prominent Sydney poet and close friend Jessica Santosa, who shares this deep conviction for social justice, ‘Walls’ has been described as the love child of Death Cab For Cutie and Lorde, and is a far cry from anything else I’ve released before.


Go find a voice that’s fighting to be heard
Don’t let them be alone
Ammunition is alright
It’s the words with which we fight
Don’t let the bullet fall in the open air
See it spinning towards the ground
Buried deep beneath the sound
Of the bang that’s ringing in your ears
Go find a voice that’s fighting to be heard
Don’t let them be alone
We stand outside with our guns
Faces turned towards the sun
Shooting blindly at the atmosphere
We retreat back to our homes
Where the walls are like an oath
To keep the war inside the loneliness

I am the red borderline you defend
The empty loading gate with no ammunition
Bullet chambers echo like a hunger pain
Hammer triggers to the wayside of your poker face
I need you to speak need you to turn the other cheek
Cos I really can't see the height above my head in my knees
The barrel is clean, on the edges i freeze
I need you to lend your strength to me
You gonna rise up to the challenge
Against the gunfire like barrage
Sometimes a single word is a weapon to cease fire
Your voice is what will ricochet

Go find a voice that’s fighting to be heard
Don’t let them be alone

Where the walls are like an oath
Where the gunfire’s ringing in your ears


released August 11, 2014
Arbori is the music and movement of Steven Barnard

All songs written by Steven Barnard arrange and performed by:

Steven Barnard - vocals
James Hutchinson - rhodes, vibraphone, organ/synth
Josh Bonnefin - electric guitar
Tom Swanton - bass
Tim Bradley - drums

Rap written and performed by Jessica Santosa

Violin - Tatyana Lukich and Aneshka Mora
Viola - Bree Baxter
Cello - Mary Rapp

'Chugga chugga' punk guitar – Dorny Mayes
Group Vocals in outro - Steven Barnard, Patrick Mazzolo, Neale Whittaker

Executive Producer: Steven Barnard
Producer, Engineer, Editor and Party Times: Felix Abrahams (Orange Productions)
Executive Engineer: Dorny Mayes (Linear Recording)

Strings for ‘Walls’ written and arranged by: Paul Brown and Steven Barnard.
Edited by: Michael Deacon

Management & Bookings
Michael Deacon (Deacon Creative) - deaconcreative@outlook.com
Steven Barnard - arbori.music@gmail.com




arbori Sydney, Australia

Arbori is music and dance, in equal measures nostalgic and innovative. Raised on Fred Astaire, Frank Sinatra, Neil Young and Paul Simon, these men were model entertainers, romancers, vagabonds and his gatekeepers to jazz, folk and dance. Naturally Arbori’s jazz-folk inspired melodies and R&B influenced beats are like just like drinking tea with your Nanna who is wearing a snap back and a hoodie. ... more

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